Employee Benefits

The Team Green Experience | A career working with Transystems, whether year-round or seasonal, is social and connected. You'll have the opportunity to have consistent communication with your team, plus we host annual meetings to hear your feedback and ideas. Family picnics and employee banquets are open for families to attend, and our goal is to help employees connect in order to maintain a thriving team atmosphere. 

Health | We are proud to offer an affordable major medical benefit plan to our employees and families. The plan has a low annual deductible of $500/person and up to $1,500 per family. The plan covers 80% of eligible expenses after the deductible, offers prescription drug coverage, and dental coverage with a low deductible of $50 and covers 70% of eligible expenses.

Retirement | We offer a 4% match of your contribution to your 401k plan after 1 year of full-time employment (1,000 hours).

Time Off | Drivers are eligible for vacation pay upon working 1,800 hours during the period from August 1 to July 31. First-year employees will receive 40 hours vacation pay. Second, third, and fourth year drivers will receive 80 hours. After 5 years, and every year thereafter, drivers will receive 120 hours.

Holiday Pay | If you work or are scheduled to work on a holiday, you will receive holiday premium pay for an additional 8 hours at your current rate of pay. You must have been employed by Transystems for at least 90 days prior to the holiday or be a returning seasonal employee who worked at least 90 days in the prior season.


For more information on the employee benefits program, please call 800-548-9864.